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installing Oracle Developer/ 2000

seka asked
I was installing Oracle Developer/2000 Release 2.1 for Windows NT and Windows 95 in machine which has windows 2000. The following error message appeared""" Your current oracle home c:/ORANT is on OCSM client installation managed by your system administrator. You may not install or remove product in this home.""" And installation terminated.  Please help.
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You could try logging on to your machine as the administrator.. i have noticed that with installing Oracle you have to administrator (not be a user that has these rights, but really the user administrator) to be able to successfully install the Oracle Products.

Top Expert 2008

You have to install Developer/2000 in different Oracle Home. This is obligatory.

Oracle Developer6i and the Oracle8i database require separate Oracle home directories.
Even if you configure SQL*net (Net8) in the Oracle home that your database Oracle server uses, so that you can connect via SQL*Plus, that does not allow Developer2000 to connectsuccessfuly to the Oracle server.  You also need to configure SQL*Net (in tnsnames.ora file) in the
Oracle home for Developer2000.  You can do that either using the GUI tools, or to copy two files:
sqlnet.ora and tnsnames.ora from your 8i Oracle home to your Developer2000 Oracle home.  In your 8i
Oracle home these files are in: \Network\admin, but in your Developer2000 home they are in: \Net80\Admin. A safety measure is to save a copy of them first, before you make changes or copy other ones in. This is so because you have to keep a way for restoring the files if you make a mistake.

schwertner.. that is not completely true.. i have done dozens of installations in the past months.. but in my company it's a policy to stuff everything into the same directory..

it s true you have to 'synchronize' the tnsnames and sqlnet-files, but further than that there are not problems with it.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase Administrator

Mark GeerlingsDatabase Administrator

(This is what I attempted to post earlier today, but the site was not co-operating at the time.)

Do you have other Oracle products previously installed on this computer?  If so, that can make installation more complicated.  Do you want only Developer2000 on this machine, or do you want other Oracle software as well?

What version of Developer2000 do you have?  Developer6i (Forms version is certified for Windows2000, earlier versions will not work well.
It is always advisable to install Developer  in a different Oracle Home. But I doubt if Developer 2.1 supports Multiple Oracle Homes.

Seka, are you able to install Developer 2.1 in a different Oracle Home (that is a different directory from the Server).
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I met the following text on the Oracle Forms Discussions Forum:

Oracle and Pentium 4. It's a ***** shame. Not the first time........

Just some frustration

I don't like it to be a beta-tester for a company like Oracle
which makes that much profit.

Five examples:

1999: Oracle Application Server 4.0.7. (OAS) on Windows NT.

Service pack 5 is installed on most NT boxes (even in
Afghanistan). Oracle logic...OAS 4.0.7 has to be installed with

2000: The Oracle installer has a Y2K bug. No public
announcements made. A simple statement on Metalink and a hell of
a job to find the patch "installer (??)"

1999/2000: Release of Developer 6 and Oracle 8.1.5.

First step: you've to install Developer 6. Second step: install
the database.
Typical Oracle logic...:-). I do not start with the roof when
I'm building a house.... A few months after the 8i release ,
Oracle published the proper installation procedure for this

2000/2001: Designer 6iR2 cannot be uninstalled on Windows W2K.
A "beta tester" in the field (so..you or me), with the name
Dimitri, had to make a remark on OTN. Compliments to Brian Duff
of Oracle who initiated the release 4 of Designer.

2001: Oracle 8i cannot be installed on Pentium 4
machines..Cause..a bug in the universal installer.
Only with workarounds which partly work or do not not work at
all. ... Oracle ..it's a shame.

Larry..many thousands of "oracle-fans" cannot appreciate your
arrogant attitude. These people want to work with stuff which
can do the job !
They do not want to be beta-testers for the sake of increasing
Oracle profits. This policy reflects itself in higher costs for
the smaller companies..ie: buying Oracle software which does not


Martin Vonk
jtriftsMI and Automation

Folks,  while I might personally agree with the multiple homes theory, be aware that (previous to 6i at least) Oracle does not officially support developer when installed into a different home from Oracle.

I was told that this was the reason for our mass PC rebuild process we had one week not too long ago.  Though we were using Ora8i (8.1.5) and Forms 6 ( and Ora8i Client (

Further I had the same problem trying to install similar components on WinME.  Unfortunately I never managed to get Developer installed as it failed repeatedly.  I ended up installing an old version of Developer (Forms4.5!) until I updated the OS to NT.


MI and Automation
Hmmm...just to clarify my point and improve the accuracy of my comment...

I have spoken to our DBA here and she noted an interesting point.

Oracle products can be divided into two groups:
1) Those that are multiple oracle home aware; and
2) Those that are NOT multiple oracle home aware.

Oracle Developer 6 (i.e. 6.0.X.X) and Oracle Designer 6 (6.0.X.X) are two examples of products that are NOT multiple home aware. (I'm not referring to the 6i versions).

Therefore, you must install these products first.  When prompted for the oracle home, you MUST use DEFAULT_HOME as the option.

After those are installed, then you can continue with the Oracle products that ARE multiple home aware.  These should be installed into a different home other than DEFAULT_HOME (otherwise they may over-write critical DLLs) for each new product you install.  Examples include Ora8i Client, Oracle OEM, The various and sundry ORacle databases, etc.  

Apologies for confusion raised by my previous comment.


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