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EXCLUSIVE LOCK ON ACCESS 2000 DB - Locked by Admin etc.

InvisibleMan asked
Hello all.  I am having trouble with an Access 2000 database in which the database resides on a network drive.  When 2 users try to open the database it says it is either locked by such and such user or admin has it locked.  The database is set to shared and not exclusive.  Any ideas how I can resolve this without having to copy down local copies?  Thanks all
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Make sure the forms/ tables are Not opened in Design View (Open Exclusive)..
Jim Dettman (EE MVE)President / Owner
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Make sure the users have full read/write/delete priviledges for the directory where the MDB resides.  If they don't, Access cannot create a LDB file to help in tracking locks and will open the MDB in exclusive mode.

Have you secured the database? (Created a Workgroup file).

If not each of your users are opening the database with Admin permissions and some update actions will cause the database to be locked exclusvely.

You may also need to split the database.

Let me know how the db is accessed by the Users.

Colin Glenister

I seem to remember hearing about a bug in A2K (yes really!) That it only opened in exclusive mode if it was opened using a shortcut. The solution is to open A2K first then use "File", "Open Database", etc, etc.

Hope this helps

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