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Borland C++ builder

GSD4ME asked
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Last Modified: 2008-02-26
I want to create a CGI using Borland 5.0 Standard edition. According to the help I should be able to do NEW/WEB SERVER APPLICATION.

The WEB SERVER APPLICATION is missing from all the items available in the NEW area.

Am I missing something? Is it not part of 5.0? Is it somewhere in the Borland folder but I have to make it visible? Do I have to donwload it?
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The web server application I believe is for C++ Builder Professional edition and up.  By the way, that will be NSAPI or ISAPI as well as CGI.  They are usually a much better choice than CGI, but you need to worry about things like thread synchronization for shared data.  A CGI program is just a standard executable with a main() function that retrieve form post data from stdin (or getenv("QUERY_STRING") for form "get"'s.  The result writes to stdout making sure that the header is filled out properly.  CGI has a lot more overhead than NSAPI/ISAPI since it has to create a new process for each inbound message (instead of just creating a thread), and you can always use the standard NSAPI/ISAPI dll interface to create a module from scratch, but I don't think that you can use the wizard for it.  I hope this helps.


many thanks

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