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Partition resizing (NTFS) and Dynamic Disk?

adz8 asked
I want to resize my 18.6GB NTFS partion so I can install windows ME on a seperate partition.  I was comfortable using Ranish Partition manager but that doesn't support resizing NTFS partiitons. Well it does but corrupts the entire system so I need some FREEWARE software that will do the trick.

I also want to know what Dynamic Disk is and what advantages it would serve.

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It's not freeware but PowerQuest's Partition Magic will do this.


look's like I will be formatting. unless I can find a fullversion download or something because I don't really want to spend money on this.
Dynamic disks are simply a way to get around the 4 partition limit on a hard disk.  When you convert your disk to a dynamic disk, it is basically repartitioned into a single physical partition and then your defined partitions are managed by the OS...not by writing to a partition table on the disk (actually it does write to a partition table but not a standard one.)

This allows you to create numerous partitions with in the large partition.  It is kind of like an extended partition and logical drives but you can now boot from a dynamic disk.  It also allows you to grow volume sets in smaller chunks if you want because you are not limited to 4 partitions per physical disk.  You can also have several primary partitions on the disk...like 10.