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Clock sync for Palm OS compatibles

Raven1155 asked
I'd like to know if anyone knows of a Palm app. which synchronizes the clock on the handheld with the PC's clock.  Using Dimension4, my PC's clock is "always" accurate.  My Visor Platinum's clock isn't.  I'd like to be able to sync the Visor's clock from the PC clock!

Any and all help appreciated...

Thanks in advance,
 Jim 8^)
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For my palm, this works great:
$10 shareware, does exactly what you're asking
Note that it only works once un til you register it (you can re-install it to test multiple times).  Note also that the hotsync should be turned off before installing (or shut down and started again after installing) or the conduit won't sync on a hotsync.

Less direct solutions:
$10 shareware, syncs with internet-based clocks (must have Palm set up to access net through PC link)

Free, syncs with internet-based clocks (must have Palm set up to access net through PC link)



I'm going to try the aladinsys program, of course, but am curious... to use the other two you say that I "must have Palm set up to access net through PC link"- how does one do that?  I mean, I know it can be done, but if the program doesn't implicitly do it (AvantGo does it on my Visor), how does one set it up?

Thanks in advance,
 Jim 8^)

From the dialogs, it looks as if one must have a modem for connecting to an ISP or UNIX-type host.  I may be wrong, since I've never seen the value of this type of connection and have never tried it, since I always have my PC connected to the Internet (or connectable with short notice).  

Technically, I probably misspoke, since it looks like the Palm actually does the connecting, not the PC.  I didn't realize that until I investigated the question you asked that came from the ill-advised toss-off comment I made...  :)



Thanks for the follow-up...

I wanted to mention to you that I've ended up with something OTHER than your suggestions, and you might be interested in checking out this app- TimeCopy (I've got v. 1.2).  It's on www.palmgear.com.

 Jim 8^)

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