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Checking for busy signal

Before connecting to my dial-up ISP, I want to dial another number to check to see if a line is busy.  Is there a way to automate this or a program out there that will do this or do you know of any way to program it?


John Rayburn
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Yeah but there may be a small problem if the line is not busy. You can set your DUN up with the "other" number as the primary number it dials, then if it is busy it will switch to the second number (actual ISP) . The problem with this is if the line is not busy and someone answers they will hear your computer squacking at them, this may make them unhappy.

I think you would be better off simply dialing the number yourself to see if it was busy. (you are wanting to see if a friend is online?)

You may want to check into one of the IM's (instant messengers) that will instantly let you know if the other person is online, and let them know you are also online.  
AOL's IM or ICQ will both do this.


Actually, we have one dial-up account, used at different times by two people.  We each have a line dedicated to dial-up, so if my associate's dial-up line is busy, I know that I don't want to dial-up (so as to avoid the fees for both being on-line at the same time).  If it is not busy, then I would want to dial in to my ISP.

Does this shed more light on the subject?

John Rayburn
Well I know of no program that will dial one number and if is it not busy dial a second, it is easy to set up to dial one number and if it is busy it will dial a second number automaticily.
I think you will find to do this you will need to dial the first number yourself

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