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Attachment problem! within hotmail

xittix asked

Whenever i try to download any attachment in my hotmail it saved as *.HTML!!! and when I click on attachment files after downloading it showed me only the image of my hostmail !!! Strange !! can anybody help me.

Note: Winzip is alrady installed in my Machine.
      OS is win98 with IE5.1

Waiting for your support.
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did you try rightclick on the "download attachment" and select "save target as....."

this will work

I don't believe Aparajitha's suggestion will work.

I get a similar problem with my hotmail account. My work-around...

1. Click on the attachment;

2. At the screen where it shows that it has been virus checked click on the "Download File" button;

3. A "File Download" dialog box appears, select "Open this file from its current location" and click OK;

4. The same "File Download" dialog box appears, this time select "Save this file to disk" and click OK - the correct filename will appear.

Hope this helps.


Thank You Omb. The solution was really good and it fixed the attachment problem. Thanks for all

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