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Redirecting from flash

sviksna asked
Hello, Experts.

I got problem - I have made a "test" in Flash, after scoring results, flash redirects user to one of three links. In internet explorer everything works fine, but in Netscape it don't!

If I remember, code was like getURL("link1.html","_self");
and NN don't redirects it anywere!

Help me plase to solve this problem. Solution in my oppinion could be found, if I may send some JavaScript or HTML sorce to web browser which would be understand by both - NN and MIE.

With regards,
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getURL("link1.html","_self"); should work fine.
Maybe your problem is your path (no blancks, no e, a, e etc.)
try to get the full path of link1.html with ie, and verify that it's correct with NN.
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