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How can I share my local address book to my user under NOTES R5 5.06 ?

edmundli asked
Is there anyone who know how to share my local address book to my users under 5.06a notes ?

I try to copy the names.nsf and rename to group.nsf , but it does not allow tat

Please advise
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Uh-oh, Don't rename anythin called names.nsf and don't share it out either or you
will get yourself in a mess! That's because the names.nsf contains so much more that
just addresses. If you HAVE to do it then create a replica on the server under a new name
and then create a lopcal replica, again under a new name for each user. Add the additional
address book to the Notes.ini NAMES= line and off you go.

However I do not recommend this for widespread use. Instead you are much better off creating a
new address book using the public address book template and then adding that to the available address books on the server.

Good luck... J.Pumphrey



We do have system address, but we do not want to create all the local groups in system as they all will replicate to all server.

Is there any easy to way to do ?

Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication Engineer

You could create a second address book on the server that contains only the groups.
Setup the address book as a cascading address book (by adding it to the notes.ini as jpumphrey suggested.
To avoid this being replicated to other servers, setup replication to only receive and not send any changes.

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