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ICS(Internet Connection Sharing)

Here's the deal,
I have 2 computers running win 98 SE.
one is connected to the interned via ADSL using a network adaptor. the 2 computers are connected to each other via phoneline (netgear pa301).
Things that works:
I can see and reach both computers from the Network Neighborhood.
The Host computer can access the internet.
I have given static IP address to both computers and I can ping them both from each other.
I think the ICS is defined ok on the Host computer since I followed the troubleshooting instructions that I found on micrsoft site.
But the conection sharing doesn't work.
Any ideas?
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can you ping numerically from the client?
try pinging
from the client
if you can't ping the ip address, it usually means the default gateway on the client is incorrect
if you can, but can't ping www.experts-exchange.com then it usually means the dns server is incorrect
this is the ip scheme you should use
host LAN NIC
gateway blak
disable dns and wins
ip 192.168.0.(2-254)
enable dns and use the ip fot the dns that your isp gave you (preferable) or use
disable wins


Well numerical pining isn't working nor does address pinging.
The only thing that look strange is that, when I do a tracert from the client computer to the host I get
"Tracing route to host [XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX]"
but the IP address is of the client.
Somthing is just wrong put I can't say what.
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1) If using ICS, I think that you are supposed to set the other computer as automatic IP address ( the ICS acts as a DHCP server normally ).

2) The Phone net may not be compatible with ICS. It may be netBeui only !!

I hope this helps !


Well i checked in several help sites - none helped.
I tried DHCP and ststic addressing - not helped.
I finally gave up after trying wingate which also didn't work.
A friend of mine told me to try WinProxy I did and it worked.
I have no Idea why ICS isn't working but I willing to file it under "Windows - Things that just doesn't work" section.
Check the client and gatways TCP ip settings for DNS.

The Ethernet cards should have DNS DISABLED and be using DHCP (Auto assign IPs) for MS internet sharing.

I suppect you have host names entered in the DNS tab pf the TCP properties dialog.

First time i saw this it took me a while to figure out.
The network had been setup with the same hostname in the DNS properties for all machines so for 'ping hostname' each host would ping itself.

Windows name to address mappings can come from many sources.
 hosts file
 lmhosts file
 WINS server
 DNS lookups
 NetBios querys

The which lookups are used and their order changes depends on the machines configuration.

the default for MS internet connection sharing

hosts empty
lmhosts empty
(these will be empty unless they've been modified by some user)
WINS disabled
DNS disabled

the client machine will use DHCP to setup the DHCP server (the internet gateway) as the DNS nameserver

you can verify this with Start/Run/winipcfg, select the ethernet adapter in the dropdown box, and click 'More Info'

The gateway, dns server, and DHCP server should all be the address of the machine running MS-ICS

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