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Security issues

isilver asked
I have some security issues where I work where people try and steal the computer along with it's peripheals.  This includes monitor, computer case, computer components, keyboards, and mice.  

Is there any sort of protection I can get.  My business currently has 240 computers so I will be thinking about buying in bulk
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You already have the best security feature - a locked door.  How about video cameras on the outside doors?  These would serve other purposes, also.

How about a small cable through the tower and around or through something big (maybe desk itself)
Remove the quick thumb screws that holds the video cable to the video card, replace with ones that requires a screwdriver to remove them.
Put motion detectors on some of them, so when someone picks one up an alarm will sound.

Borrow a dead body from the morgue, place them near the door and place an old computer in their arms so it looks like they were shot while trying to steal a computer.

Is it the workers or outside people?
Cameras will help deter the employee theft, but most thieves are not scared of a hidden camera, you must place several in open areas in plain view and with signs to deter outside theft.
James ElliottManaging Director

Machine Gun Turret?

Suface to Air Missile's?

Nuts and Bolts?


It is the employees that are the thieves.  I had a problem where they would open the computer and remove the cd-roms.  

I would also like to ask for some price efficient suggestions.  Motion detectors are not cheap and to include it with 240 computers is not the choice of a wise man.

You have doors, lock them.  When in the world are these being stolen?  Is an employee stealing parts from his own computer?  I wouldn't think that would be a bright idea.  If someone else is stealing a cdrom from my computer it would be my fault for not securing the room before I left.  Locked doors are extremely cost efficient since you already have the doors.

Employee theft ???

Make each employee responible for their own computer and area and they will do the security work for you. Let them know if anything is broken or stolen that they are responible for the replacement cost and I will bet they will make sure nothing gets stolen.
The only problem is you will have to follow through with your threats if something does get stolen, it should only take one example to show the others you are serious.

Why steal a CDRom?  $50 will get one for you with warranty.  Why steal memory?  $30 will get you a 256M chip.  Has anyone stolen a mouse?  Keyboard?  Floppy?
I agree.  Make each employee responsible for their own equipment.  I thought they were walking off with complete computers.  If so, cameras on the outside doors (mounted inside and catching everyone going through the door) would solve this.  If they are stealing parts and pieces then these can be stashed in briefcases, pocketbooks, and pockets.  Frisking them before they leave work may be a good idea.  If you can't trust your employees maybe you just need to clean house and start fresh.
ray actually gave you the simplest answer above, and here is where you can get them..


From their site:
"Prevents theft of PCs, peripherals, fax, and AV equipment. The Universal Fittings attach to the PC or other equipment using the existing cabinet screws on the equipment. A Cable Clip attaches to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc. by anchoring their hardwired data cables to the security cable. No drilling or modification to the equipment is necessary. The security cable is anchored to a stationary object such as a desk, and threads through the Universal Fittings Cable Clip, and locks. Including 2 Universal fittings, a Cable clip, 6' security cable, padlock with locking disk. This package has the added advantage of protecting the equipment's internal components since at least one cabinet screw is secured. The fittings can be can be reused on other equipment.
List Price $39.95*"

Sure, it aint cheap, for 240 PC's, you're company would be looking at $9,600.00, but save 10 pc's/laptops, etc. from being stolen, and you have recouped your initial expenditures.

Another option is digi-cams at entry/exit points, or guards at entry/exit points to check folks who walk out with stuff.

Either way, your company is going to have to make a probably substantial intitial investment to protect the companies assets in the long run.



We have top security at the business.  We do have cameras mounted outside the doors along with a security guard.  However I assume most of there items are being taken and put into there pockets.  These are relatively small items.  Keyboards don't get stolen.  But mouses, and ram does.

Unfortunately we can not assign a computer per person.  Currently we only have 150 computers where we have about 400 associates working around the clock.  So we can't assign each person a computer.  

This is a cubical environment so we can't locked the door or hold anyone liable as someone can steal as this stuff as they walk buy.  

We are trying to avoid cameras as we may have a several fallout of employees.  We don't want them to think that we are watching them.  It is bad etiquette.

I understand what you are saying slink9.  However the old saying goes why pay for what you can get for free.

Thank you nfroio.  This is what I was looking for.  That would be perfect.  I will look into that.

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