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Runtime packages & a static VCL50

Alex_nl asked

I want to build an application using custom runtime packages to reduce the footprint BUT...I want to compile VCL50, VCLX50 (and all other VCL packages I use) INTO the application's .exe so I only have to distribute the custom packages.

Is that possible in any way or do I have to distribute the VCL's *.bpl files as well? The VCL packages are rather big so deploying will be more difficult that way.

I'm using Delphi 5.0

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Not possible.
You can compile your projects either with or without runtime packages.
When using runtime packages they are linked statically; that means that any dependent executable will not work without them.
All packages or executables compiled with runtime packages option in Delphi 5 require at least vcl50.bpl which is the core runtime package; it's not possible to use a runtime package without also using vcl50.bpl.
You are not allowed to recompile VCL units into different runtime packages and distribute them by your license agreement; neither is it possible in some cases because of missing source files; you will not be able to recompile vcl50.bpl, for example.
Runtime packages will not reduce footprint of your distribution when used with a single application; the benefit is only apparent when there are more applications sharing them - because they need to be installed only once.
You can, however, provide two separate distributions; with and without the required packages. See details in deploy.txt file in your Delphi directory.



Thanks for the info!

It seemed like a good option: the application is a tray app and some of the functions are only used at startup. Reducing the amount of memory used would have been great. The only thing I can think of now is cramming in into a DLL...