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GIS in VB or geographical and demographical maps


I have a question for those that have worked with GIS features in a VB Program. What kind of controls are out in the world, how much do they cost, what are your experiences with them. I would like to hear about those things.

The reason is, I want to be able to display amounts of delivery failures in a certain postcode area. I thought GIS was the way to do that. If you have other idea?s I would like to hear about them too.


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There are quite a few ways to handle this type of problem.  One can certainly write a program to handle the GIS stuff, but you will have two major problems to overcome.

1.) Data - The US census bureau offers a several files that provide data for GIS systems.  The most common is TIGER line files.  To obtain the data for the entire country you are looking at multi-gig data.  Tiger files contain data for virtually all roads, rivers, streets, railroad, schools, ....... This is in a coordinate system that can be used.  The problems with this data in a practical sense are three-fold.  First is obviously size, second is the extreme detail that is often not needed third is the practicality of graphic large areas eg Nationwide.

2.) Existing Software - Software from Mapinfo and others provide the capability of mapping demographic data in virtually any way you want. If you want to do any heavy graphing make sure you have a very fast processor.

3.) Components - http://www.vdstech.com/mapdata.htm seems to have a good start for GIS components.  Although I have not worked with them specifically, it does seem they have done some research on GIS 'stuff'. The page I referred to has quite a lot of links to data and tools for GIS. VDS also has several components to help build maps in applications.  In fact I might even think about using them myself in some applications I have in mind.

At least this is a start for you.



Thank you for this information, it is indeed a good place to start researching the subject.

Although I am not in the US and our country is kind of small, about 300Km by 200Km, the data files are indeed big.




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