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Creative 128 PCI

mitttko asked
i have a creative 128 sound card and a windows me installed. i've heard that it is possible to play more than one music file simultaneously. for example to play two winamps or to me able to hear my icq when i am listening mp3's. what do i have to do to? btw there is a property called Legacy Device in the Control panel/System/Device manager which has not been found correctly.
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1) Get the newest drivers from the creative site.

2) Delete the legacy device and feed it the new drivers after rebooting - or follow the creative install instructions.

You may be able to hear things simultaneously, depending on the number of channels and the type of sound file/format.

Check the creative site - knowledge base- FAQ's etc.

I hope this helps !



If you mean a Sound Blaster 128 by Creative Labs when you say "creative," then I believe I have a solution for you.
Oops, sorry about that.  Anyways, Creative Labs has its own programs that handle the sound.  My sound card (SB Live!) has software with it that is called the Audio Headquarters (AudioHQ).  Inside of that group of programs is something that is labeled "device controls."  One of the options in there is something called "maximun simultaneous Wave playback" which allows me up to 16 channels at once.  I don't know what your system is like, but if it's made by the same company I would bet that there is a similar option.  If you tell me more about your system I may be able to get a better idea of what it is exactly.  Basically I think you should just look for an option that says something about channels or number of waves at one time or something like that.  First thing is to get into your sound card software and just find out about all the options.  Hope this helps you out, if you have anything else you want to say, feel free to ask me...

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