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Using program with Win3.1

DrJax asked
I've written a program using VB6 and the user has asked if it will run on the Win3.1 OS.  I don't think it will, but wanted to check with someone who knows.  If it won't run on 3.1 is there anything I can do to accommodate that user???  I don't want to buy Windows upgrades for him.
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VB6 won't work, because VB6 is 32 bit, and Win3.1 is only 16 bit... Now it might be possible that some emulators could make things possible, but then the API calls will mostly fail.
Ryan ChongSoftware Tead Lead / Business Analyst / System Analyst / Data Engineer

Hi DrJax,

Just try to create the installation package from the Package & Deployment Wizard from VB6 (In MS Visual Studio Tools).

All the needed files (dlls,ocxs) will be included in the installation package.

See if this can solve your problem.

Ryan ChongSoftware Tead Lead / Business Analyst / System Analyst / Data Engineer

Sorry, please ignore my previous comment as angellll had explained it all..
Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
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The last version of VB working on win3.1 s VB4 (when you select 16-bits apps).


No way to give a simple solution for this. Most likely need to rewrite the app. The compatibility won't work to that way, it's sad.

16bit is not an option if you have 32bit activeX controls in that project, the possibility to found vbx or 16bit ocx control is low.

VB4 16bit was on 4.0 Pro or Ent CD two versions 4.0 and 4.0a the early is very "buged" difficult to found today but MS sell downgrades to VB today so new is possible !

VB3 is the best 16bit version, but it do not have glass so if this is used in the VB6 code, then no way to convert anything easy!

Also the Internet was poorly supported, this makes difficulties if connections used!

If there is realy a Win 3.1 user today, there is a severe possibility that the hardware is obselote too, macine from era before 1994.

And also think that no new product gives support to Win 3.X today!


On the lighter side:
Hey, upgrade that Windows 3.1 computer to a 32 bit OS & if it is too old & funky to handle that, throw that piece of **** away and get a new one. :)

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