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How to send text with VB to another PC in LAN without using the Send.Exe -program?

ProCyon asked
OK! That was my question, but there is more info for you.
My VB program uses the Send.exe -program/command and it has some limitations. For example: I can only send less than 600 characters via LAN to another PC and on the computer wich will receive the message the MS Messenger Service will pop up a windows. I do want to pop up some window, but not that kind of.
So, how should I change my program, so it can send messages directly to another PC?

For a note!
I'm not a beginner, but this is something which I haven't done before. I had only heard that this is quite possible.
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Head of Software Services
Essentially you need to build a simple chat program.


Is one of many examples available of how to achieve this. Essentially it is what send.exe does but it is already built-in and installed on windows so you don't need additional stuff to do it with.


That was what I needed!

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