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21" sony gdm20E20 fixed sync trinitron monitor problem.... tough one!

ludikris asked
Has anyone had a 21" sony gdm20E20 fixed sync trinitron monitor (used for Sun microsystems work stations)
and been able to see the bios and boot up screens???  I dont see anything until the log in screen pops up....
This monitor is one of few trinitrons that sun uses which is capable of being plugged into a home pc with just an adapter.  My problem is that i need another monitor to view the pc's bios and other ega graphics.....

Has anyone been able to view their bios with this exact monitor??? or know what I should do?? The monitor is so pleasant to look at when it is up and running....
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as you said it has a fixed sync. and the kHz of the picture when starting might just be out of range for that monitor. I would say, no there is no way to do it with this monitor.

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