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lose mouse pointer after a while

lyndonbraun asked
Hi all,

This is a strange thing, at least to me.

After booting to Win2000 for a while, there is some strange behavior.  First, the mouse pointer disappears, however the pointer is still functioning (ie. right clicking brings up a menu at the spot or passing the now invisible pointer over something that has a roll over still works).  

The other thing that happens at the same time (especially in Explorer) is that as the title bar of the window changes, it just 'paints' over the previous text that was there already.  Does that make sense?  Hope so.

Is this a video card problem?  I have a TNT2 based card (Maxi Cougar Gamer).  Here is my system specs...

PIII 866
256 MB RAM
TYAN VIA motherboard (installed the 4-in-1 drivers)
32 MB TNT2 Video Card

All drivers are up to date...

Anybody else run into this?
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I would advise you to double check the drivers for Windows 2000 regarding Mouse and Video.
Download the drivers from the manufacturer web site.


thanks for the comment.

yeah.  that is what i thought too.  :-)

the mouse is a Logitech Wheel Optical Mouse.  The problem was happening before i updated them too, so i guess that didn't fix the problem.

the video card drivers have been updated recently as well, since the win2k drivers were just updated with xp support too.

my machine dual boots to win98 and win2000.  i don't think there is a specific hardware problem.  :-/

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