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display documents using web client

IceMountain asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-18

I know it can be done using @ClientType in "Hide-When" formula for Notes client and web client on the same form. However, I find that the form looks very cluttered with the additional fields and text.

I'm wondering if this can be done: Create another form for web client on the same database. When the document is opened, the form that is used to open the document depends on the client type.

Thank you for any advice.
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Application Engineer
Yes, you can do this easily.
Just use the same name for both forms and set the properties of one form to be used for the client only and the other form to be used for the web only.
This way the correct form will be used when the document is accessed from the client or the web, without need for any extra fields on either form.
To set this property, open the properties box from the list of forms in designer, then check on the third tab (the design tab) for which client you want to hide this form.
You'll notice in the list of all forms that the checkmark under Notes or Web disappears so you can see what forms can be used where.
If you need further assistance, just let me know.


I should not use the same name or alias for more than one form. I use de @WebClient formula in the postopen event to define which form is to be used. If there are requests to come from users which only refer to the webclient, you only have to adjust the right form.

Hope i helped out,
Jean Marie GeeraertsApplication Engineer

Welcome to EE Pafrok !!

The advantage of using the same form name is that you don't have to do any extra coding, domino will decide itself what form to use when he finds two forms with the same name, one for web and one for client use.
As for only needing to update one of two forms for web specific changes, this is equally valid when using the same form name.

Anyway both options are valid, I just prefer my solution.

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