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Segate Crystal Reports 6.0 --How to reflect the changes in .ttx file in report

pacchy asked
I have a .ttx file already mapped for a report. I have to add one more field in the .ttx file. After adding the field in the ttx file and saving it I am not able to see the field in the report for which i mapped the ttx file.
In the insert field option it still shows only previous fields of the ttx file. how do I get the new one added?
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If you mean by mapping that you have right clicked on a blank area of the report and then done

Database - - > add Database to report " then selected the new . ttx file and hit open"

then you need to right click again on a blank area and then do

Database - - > log onto server  " then select ACTIVE DATA( FIELD DEFINITIONS ONLY)"

Then it should be working correctly.  Have you tried to add any formulas.  I have had some formulas that have done some odd things.

Do --

Database --> Verify Database. This should solve your problem.



I tried all these options but its tossing an error saying memory full...

What is your sql like.  If you are doing a cartesian join you can run into these errors.  So if you have two tables that are 1000 rows that kind of join will return 1000000 rows.  This of course would be a memory hog. By the way you can reject the proposed answer it you like.
More to come. . . I think

you said. . . .
>In the insert field option it still shows only previous fields of the ttx file. how do I get the new
one added?

First I would try this.
I would make a different .ttx file with the new revisions in it. I would then add that to the database also. You can have more then one .ttx file linked to a single report. See if that will work.

If that does not work you might need to do this.

You might need to right click on the database and say remove database from report.  I know this is not a popular option but it might need to be done. Then readd that modified .ttx file back and see if the changes in the .ttx file show up.

Let me know how that works

Proposed answer rejected.


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