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kriskramer asked
Can anyone help me find some useful info on the datagrids or flexgrids in VB? I've never used one before but find myself needing one for something fairly simple, yet every time I try one I get errors galore! What's the best grid control, and how can I find some info (other than the worthless MSDN explanations) to help get one set up and working correctly?

Just to give a little background... I have a form with a list of customer #'s. When I select a customer number and click the 'get info' button, I need the grid populated with the db info, giving the user the ability to view the records, update them and add new ones. I could just create text boxes to handle all this but I was hoping the grid would be easier...
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Isn't there a way to just pass a recordset or something instead of having to populate each and every cell?
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Hi kriskramer,
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