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hansam asked
I would like to create a program that basically converts html into a standalone exe (I know there are programs out there I just don't like them).

Where the Form is a precreated form with a webbrowser control in it(I know how to do this).

If you could point me into the right direction or help I would appreciate it.
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Richie_SimonettiIT Operations

What you are trying to do?, if user double-click on your exe, it will display page contents?


Basically, what I want is where I have a standalone program.

This program would then from a commondialog or something, take a list of .html files(selected by the user), and then create an EXE file from which these html files can be viewed.
hi this is an idea you might want to try out i have done a program like this below

right say you have all your files on one folder eg c:\webpages\

make a program that can then build all the files in to one big file you know what i mean pak all files into one then make your browser exe file and use the other program to add the pak file to the end of the broswer file. but wait you will also need to write code in the borwser program you made to extract all the files from the pak file to a temp folder then let the broswer read them back in agian

anyway hope that might help it look easyer than it sounds.


That is one solution. If I can Id rather create it like I mentioned if possible. I do understand what You are saying though. I have the below snippet that shows how to use the RES protocol for entering in htm files into the Resources, then calling them in the webbrowser:
(Obvisouly I have to name the pages in the resource

If Right(App.Path, 1) <> "\" Then

WebBrowser1.Navigate "res://" & App.Path & "\" & App.EXEName & ".exe/page.htm"
        WebBrowser1.Navigate "res://" & App.Path & App.EXEName & ".exe/page.htm"
    End If
change the extention of these files from .HTM or .HTLM to .HTA
thats all you have to do
try it, it works

I think useing the res files will be ok the way i said above i thought you wanted to make a program that users can turn HTML Pages to EXE. ok my mistake

anyway good look.


Well Actually DreamVB I do. That was something that I found that probally just confused everyone. Your idea will work, Im just looking for a  way to do this if there is many files, so I can just compile them into one exe.

Thanks for the hta idea but i want more control over it.

How about an update here too?

community support moderator


Best IDEA, out all of them,


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