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Looking for howto's or tutorials about proFTPd

Alexander asked

   I'm looking for some tutorials describing an "easy to learn how to set-up proFTPd". Because reading the original documentation is a quite "heavy" and dificult thing to a "proftp-beginner" like me...

  On another hand, if you give me a complete and functional exemple on how set it up like i want, i'll increase the points to 300 and give you them all after successfull try...

So, just in case, there is what i want :

- separate users and password file (not /etc/passwd, just one *dedicated* for proftpd access)

- no anonymous connexions allowed

- no "home path" directory access but "another home" (like /home/ftp/logged_user) and only read rights on this directory

- a "special home" directory properties or rights to some *special users* where they can write too
(ie. allow write rights on their home directory to some users)
  -> "special rights" to those users, so they can browse throught the other users directories but only with read access

- "normal users" cannot "browse" trought the other users directories

- users cannot *see* the others users directories, but a public directory and their own directory,
ex: i'm user X, logged in, so i can *only* see something like :
/X         # my ftp home dir
/pub       # public read-only dir
/incoming  # incoming directory described below

- an incoming directory where authentified users (not anonymous because no anonymous connexions allowed) can only put files but not read them neither delete them.

- hidden directories, that can be accessed only by "special users" described.

- if possible set the passive transferts data port to a fixed port.

All of this (unless /etc/passwd is not used) is quite easy and fast ton set up in ISS of M$, but i cannot use it because my boss wants a GPL licenced tool... :(

Please, help me !

Thank you in advance,
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Yep, Joeys proFTP setup guide:


If you need help in other areas please have a stroll on that site, www.linuxhelp.net.
Lots of guides & howtos. Anything you need.
I think this link will have everything you need:



Sorry, xberry link is too "basic", only the base configuration to start it up is described and i'm already able to do that...

About the MFCRich link, it is the official documentation of proftpd, i've allready downloaded the pdf file, and it seems to be a "reference" documentation but not really a "learn how to do" one...


> and it seems to be a "reference" documentation but not really a "learn how to do" one...

. . . certainly you had the official proFTPd documentation in mind, which appears
on the same www.proftpd.net site. However the userguide which MFCRich recommends is different
& certainly exactly what you're looking for that purpose of learning how to do . . .
have a closer look . . .


uh ? then i'll take a look this afternoon... :)


sorry, it is the book that i've allready downloaded from proftpd official web site documentation as "proftpd user manual"... 440 pages, paragraphs of 3 pages (quite hard to read), etc... nothing else ???


You were in the right way... sorry, thank you !

Thanks for accepting MFC'S Rich anwers

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