To Reindex DBF file Using VB6

How to Reindex a DBF file Using VB6 ?
If anyone knows please send me with description and with an example.
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If you are using dbf files in your application you can use index files - .idx, .cdx for FoxPro, .ntx for dBASE. You specify index files in an .inf file, which you can create by making a text file with the same file name as your database and appending an .inf extention.

Create a FoxPro table ABC.DBF with two fields - NAME(C,10) and NUMBER(N,3). Add some records:
For example:
John         2
Andrew       3
Michael      1

Create an index file ABC.IDX for field NAME.
Create the text file ABC.INF in the directory that contains ABC.DBF. On the first line add the database type, in the second - name of the index file:
[FoxPro 2.5]

Create new Project in VB6.
Add reference to DAO: Project->References->Microsoft DAO 3.51 Object Library.
Paste the following code into form code.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Dim dbsFox As Database
Dim Rst As Recordset
Set dbsFox = opendatabase("D:\", False, False, "FoxPro 2.5;")
Set Rst = dbsFox.openrecordset("ABC")
With Rst
.Index = "ABC"
Do Until .EOF()
   Debug.Print !Name

!Name = "Keith"

Do Until .EOF()
   Debug.Print !Name
End With
End Sub

As you can see Microsoft Jet handles your index file correctly and reindexes database file when you delete, update or add records.

Good luck

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