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How to convert a xml stream into recordset?

wx asked
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Last Modified: 2012-06-27
Hi experts,
I have a SQL2000 stored procedure which uses FOR XML RAW,XMLDATA feature to generate xml stream, and one server component which uses adoStream object to call the above stored procedure and get xml stream then send it back to client end as variant data type. My question is how the client end converts this variant data into record set?

Thanks in advance

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Ryan ChongSoftware Tead Lead / Business Analyst / System Analyst / Data Engineer


I am not so sure about using SQL Server with ADO, but I use MS Access with ADO.  What I did was that I would extract the data via the SQL query into a recordset.  Then I would use a parser to create the XML nodes and objects using the MSXML30.dll.  I created a XSLT page to provide the template for display and then do a transformation and to get the result of the page to the client.

Alternatively, you can create the XML via the ASP pages and point the transformation to the XSLT page.

The only problem is that the client would need to install MSXML30.dll if not it would not worked.

I know this is very general as I am not sure if this is what you want.  If you are keen to take a look at some codes do post here.

Hope this helps
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Hi wx,
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