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Heavy duty keyboard

hhheng asked
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Last Modified: 2010-05-18
I'm getting frustrated with cheap plastic keyboard. After some heavy typing the space bar doesn't response smoothly when pressed. Would appreciate some advise on which heavy duty keyboard to purchase that can withstand some heavy typing and coffee spills.

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microsft natural keyboard

First off, a rule I live by: YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.

I don't know any good keyboard that, itself, can withstand "coffee spills" you can get membrane type covers that are made to deflect coffee off the keyboard. However, they generally cause more problems then they solve. If you must have a cup of any beverage next to you, use extra caution.

If you pay five or ten dollars for a keyboard, you are going to get a five or ten dollar keyboard. Sorry, but that is just the way it is.

Spend between thirty and fifty dollars for a keyboard and you will be very happy for the next year or two depending on the kind of treatment/abuse you place on the input device. Also, however, be aware of how you strike your keys. Many people are very harsh to the keyboard but fail to recognize it. The highest quality keyboard wont last very long if you bang keys too hard out of frustration.

BTW, Not that I care much but this really was AT LEAST a fifty point question.


Please don't mark your replies as answers unless you are absolutely, positively, certain beyond any reasonable doubt that you have the only truly correct answer. In this case you did not.

But you?re a new-bee. I made the same mistake myself once.

Marking your reply as an answer moves the question to a different part of the board making it more difficult for others to play. Most people (like myself) never mark there replys as an answer giving the original the original poster the option.


I didn't know microsoft produce keyboards


I used a branded keyboard NEC and cost about 20.00 bucks. Some how my little nephews seems to have bull strength when they play computer games. This could be the caused of my keyboard failure.
Thanks for your comment.
Get an IBM "model M", you can beat your nephews senseless with it when you see them mistreating your PC and it will still work :-)  I went to tackle an intruder in my house with one once, and realised it would probably fit the legal definition of a lethal weapon if I had to use it, so put it down, and chased him out without it :-)

These things have been around since early PS/2 days, are very reliable, very satisfying to type on, are almost unbreakable, and you can rebuild them, take the keycaps off and put them in the washing machine, etc, etc. I have collected up 4 of them now and they are all 10 years old or older and going strong.


Road Warrior


Road Warrior,
You make my day. I read your humourous comment with lots of laughter. The intruder must be still in shock for being chased out by a computer keyboard instead of a baseball bat. I definately must try out the IBM model "M"


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