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restoring master boot record?

mac_warrior asked
I have recently been trying to use linux on another
hard drive. However I have been having trouble getting
things to work properly and has run me into another problem which deals with the master boot record. To try to fix my problem with linux i reinstalled it as well as the Grub boot load with it. However this time when i start up my computer and it pops up the screen for the dual booting using grub it will not allow me to boot windows 98.  To try to fix this problem I used a boot up disk I got with one of my software utilities program.  It booted to the dos prompt fine then I tried to use fdisk /mbr.   However that didn't work  because that disk did not have the fdisk command on it.  But I could go on my hard drive that has windows 98 on it to the c:/windows/command  directory and do the fdisk /mbr command. When I execute it I get this error  "No fixed disk present".  When I got this error I thought it was just because I couldn't execute this command properly on the hard drive it was on. So I created a Windows98 boot disk on a machine I use at work that contains the fdisk command and also the sys command that is also crucial in getting the mbr to boot win98.  So then I used the newly created win98 boot disk to boot my system up to the dos command line. I then again tried to do the fdisk /mbr but this boot disk wouldn't identify my hard drive that has windows 98 on it.  So next I decided to disconnect the second hard drive which has linux on it at this point in time. Thinking the disk was getting confused on the hard drives. So rebooted using that same windows98 boot disk but still it didn't recognize that hard drive. However when I boot it with that utilities boot disk that uses Dr.dos caldera it finds and recognizes the disk just find and I ran a scan disk using it and no errors were found on it. So while booted up with the utilities disk  I again went into the c:\windows\command directory and ran fdisk /mbr hoping it would do something.  This time I got no warnings and then i did  sys c: but that was unable to work.  I restarted the computer hoping the computers mbr will find the proper files to start win98 because fdisk worked but the same thing came up as before the word "GRUB" just like that without the quotes of course.
So now I really haven't gained any ground.  So I tried another solution of mine which is I reformatted the hard drive that had linux on it and put windows98 on it hoping that I could at least access the other hard drive that has windows98 and maybe be able to execute fdisk /mbr and sys c: so that way I could get it to boot up again.  However when clicking on the  volume d: (which is the volume now that has the drive that won't boot up now) icon it comes up with this message "A device attached to the system is not functioning". So that idea is lost. However I think that may be because the hard drive that won't boot up is still in the primary ide position in the cabling and the other is in secondary slave position.  The jumpers are both in the cable select position which might have something to do with that error message. However all I care for is to get the mbr restored in my old windows98 hard drive that won't boot up.  

I have read many message boards, howto's, help files and discussions.  They all say to use fdisk /mbr and some say to use "fdisk /mbr" and then do a "sys c:". Well unfortunately I can not get either to work. I know my hard drive is fine because the bios recognizes it just fine. That one utilities boot disk is able to see it and I am able to copy stuff to it also. So the big problem is just getting the correct pieces written to the mbr so it can know where to go to boot my windows98 system. I appreciate any new ideas to help me solve my problem.

In case you missed the question. How can I restore my mbr when all of the previous solutions don't work  and without wiping the whole hard drive.  Again I appreciate
any help that can be given.

Thank you

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My guess is that the partition is not FAT and still uses a non-dos.  Does LILO still appear on boot up?

Try using Partition Magic to restore the partitions.

Else the FBI could probably restore the MBR, not a whole lot else you can do though.

Trust me, Partition Magic saves!!!!  It'll work for you.  It's saved me so many times before..

Also try Delpart, another utility to delete problem partitions.

Fdisk /mbr should do it for you.
Are you using the right bootdisk with the correct dos vrs?
Get your boot disk at www.bootdisk.com for the correct system you have.
Dr.dos, nor familiar with it.
Is your system an ibm with an ibm dos?
Than that dos vrs is what you need or whichever dos is there now.
Good luck

You have the question locked.
Please read the below link thoroughly.
You'll be helping all.


Actually, it is not LILO that appears on the boot up it is the word "GRUB" in that exact fashion without quotes.

Partition Magic may be a wonderful tool to use but unfortunately i don't have the money right now to buy it.

I finally got it to where the hard drive that isn't booting properly to show up as an extra storage drive on the new hard drive I recently put windows98 on. However when I do an fdisk /mbr it doesn't wipe out the "GRUB". Which makes me think the word "GRUB" has its own partition before it can even get to the proper boot record. Can this even happen.  Even when i do a fdisk /mbr.

Sorry about the answer then, but on GNutella can partition magic be found.


Thats all right, I really do appreciate the input on my problem.  Thank You.
Grub is a boot program.
Here's a couple of links for you.
Sorry,  I dont have firsthand knowledge of it.
Did you fdisk all drives/partitions?


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