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Attachment filtering in Outlook XP

asburgoyne asked
I don't know how many points this is worth so I will negotiate with whomever can resolve the problem....

After installing Outlook XP I found that Outlook filters out any executable attachments from my incoming mail.  I found references to the issue in the help file but it offered no solution to the problem.  I understand that the file type in the filter list can be changed by an Exchange Server administrator but that is of no use to me since I only use POP mail and have no access to Exchange.  It is causing a real problem because I receive self-installing file updates on a daily basis which are filtered out.

Anyone know how to stop this?

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Everything you need should be in this MS document:

The specific section is:
How to Customize Attachment Security Behavior


Thanks, David - it solved the problem.  How many points do you feel are fair?

I'm glad it helped. Doesn't matter... any amount you want. Points don't matter much to me. 50 is fine. :-)

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Done!  Thanks again.

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