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PCMCIA wireless vs. ethernet

medvid asked
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Last Modified: 2013-12-29
I have a ethernet card installed on my laptop and tried to instaslll a wireless card.  But WINDOWS 98 doesn't recognize the card.  The error window that comes up, actually it is a PC CARD TROUBLESHOOTING AGENT window, and it says: no memory area available to communicate with the device.  You must make a memory area available before this device can be used.  Upper Memory region between a000-FFFF.


The card is an ADDTRON AWP 100

Oh- I removed the ethernet card-- thinking this would free up the memory region-- nothing.  The Addtron card is still not recognized.  
In the MSCONFIG box (via RUN) The system configuration Utility) Under the GENERAL TAB I clicked the ADVANCED-- ther eis a box EMM exclude A000-FFFF this is Extended Memory management.  When I check the box and restart the machine, the PC CARD TROUBLESHOOTING window now says that there is one or more EMM Exclude=<range> statement in the 386Enh section.  "These statements prevent Windows from using this memeory area for PC card devices"
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It might help to run Device Manager in safe mode and remove all hardware that is no longer connected to the computer. This sounds like a resources conflict of sorts. Does the manual say anything about reserving memory areas?


Nope- the manuals of both dvices does not mention anything about the problem.  I looked in Microsoft Technical website and the only section they had didn't help me... it reserved the memory area--


I di it and it worked.  I entered SAFE MODE and went to NETWORKS in CONTROL PANEL and deleted all the things listed... ALL of them TCP/IPs, DIAL UP ADAPTERS, etc... (I think I didn't HAVE to delete all of them, but I was so sick of futzing around with everything... anyway, it worked.  But I do not have the ethernet card in yet-- I'm afraid to!  

Thanks, rid.

My pleasure!

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