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NEW site (and what with the old URL's)

inxco asked
Recently I've redesigned my website. The complete structure changed. I even came up with a new way of organising my directory. And I don't want to include pages that redirect visitors to the (now) appropriate entrance.

So, what are my options to redirect visitors to my actual homepage?
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I'm not sure I really understand your question inxco....

You could rename the homepage?
You could put a small piece of javascript in the body onload event of the old homepage that will throw them to the new pages...

Several options I'd say...

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With HTML you could use the <META>'tag to redirect

<meta http-equiv="REFRESH" CONTENT="0;url=/newpage.html">

Are your new page at the same server with the same ip-address?
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If your page has moved to a new server you could ask your ISP to configure your old domain-name to point to your new location.

The default page for the domain should be the new page -- if you've changed the name, either copy it and give it the original name (and replace the old file) or make a default that redirects them.

If people have bookmarked pages, you'll need to either copy the file for the new page and give it that name (and replace the old one) or make a redirect.

I often make a frameset with the old name, with a 0 px frame that holds a blank doc and the new page in the showing frame -- then I use a target=_top on the links (or set a base target) so that any links pop out of the frames.

Not the best option, to be sure, but it works and when I look at the file it's obvious what I've done.


what about your idea of putting the new page into a frame (the old page being the frame) and then putting a script on the new page?

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript">
     <!-- Hide script from older browsers
     setTimeout ("changePage()", 3000);

     function changePage() {
          if (self.parent.frames.length != 0)

     // end hiding contents -->

though i don't see how that is any better than just redirecting!!!  a meta redirect with time of 0 will barely show at all....

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This question has been abandoned.  I will make a recommendation to the
moderators on its resolution in a week or two.  I appreciate any comments
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Dear all,

I sincerely excuse myself not responding to this question. Reason: I did not receive any notifications as usually, until today (notifing the post of COBOLdinosaur). So I thought my question didn't get posted at all. In the mean time, I already found a solution (I've pud a custom 404-page on my site that redirects to the homepage, info can be found on http://www.plinko.net/404/).

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It is time to clean this abandoned question up.  

I am putting it on a clean up list for CS.

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I have 2 websites one is old one and the second one is new one .If the users enter my old wesite address then it will automatically redirect redirest to my new website home page from the old website homepage..How to do this one?

Thanks for the help.

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