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Unable to delete items after Database Corruption

GilesB asked
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
We have had a problem that started with being unable to open attachments on emails that had been received in the last few days.  We ran some database utilities to try and correct this, however now these emails cannot be opened at all.  We cannot delete or move them as we get the following error, "The item could not be deleted, it has been moved or access is denied".
If you try and open the email you get "Can't open item".
We are logged on as administrator.
Does anyone know how to delete these emails.
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hi gilesB ,

it looks like you have broken connections between your
IS and DS first i would like to know if this issue occur
on all database (i.e. Public folders , other mailbox)?



This only occurs in the local mailboxes, i.e. the Public folders all appear to be ok.


This only occurs in the local mailboxes, i.e. the Public folders all appear to be ok.

i see

first of all this is a good start point:
i can recommend you to put the server in offline mode
and try to recover the Directory database or even to
examin him and look for inconsistency by using the
esutil you can find in c:\winnt\system32 that for IS and DS
work with the util very carefully !!!
1st use the recovery option and defrag and only
if you dont have any
choice you can use the repair option that can take some time (depend your database size) and in some case lose data
any way before you even come near to the machine you must
have a full backup (i sure you know that already)

hope i can help



We have already used eseutil.exe. We first discovered that some attachments would not open. So we found out about eseutil.exe in an O'Reilly exchange book that we have. The book had a misprint stating /R as the desructive mode and /P as non-destructive.

So we accidentally ran eseutil /P /ds /o (and /ispub, /ispriv) first. This recovered some of the lost attachments but destroyed some of the emails.

Since then we have tried /R /D /P modes and isinteg. but none of it has worked.

I guess that the first eseutil /P deleted some email in order to restore database integrity. The problem is that we can't delete the damaged emails for outlook.

Any more ideas?
1) maybe stupid idea but...who knows
try to download your mail to client pst/ost file and then
try to repair . this one will clean the "Badmail" you have
and then try to recover from backup i mean you can "play" with your mail items but not we the exchange server
2) we already talk about restore from backup only mail items you want and not all the mailboxs or database
(what kind of backup util you use ???)
3) fully restore of the database IS and DS but that more radical action but again you have radical situation.

what you think about that ?



Thanks for the suggestions,

1) We have already tried this, but the bad emails wouldn't export. And neither would a lot of the good ones (about 10% would export and 90% wouldn't).

2) Our backup system had failed to back up the edb file :(

3) I think this is the best option at the moment.

Thanks again for your help.

After running an eseutil /p try running the isinteg -fix -test alltests (I think it is) on the store. The reason for this is that eseutil will fix the physical corruption and isinteg will fix the logical corruption so if you just run eseutil without running isinteg then the corrupted messages will be removed from the store but there will still be references to these and users will try and open the mails and experience issues. Also run isinteg until there are 0 warnings, 0 errors and 0 fixes.

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