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Netscape: FORM elemtens show through applet that is in a layer.

HVDC asked
I have a page with a layer on it. The layer contains an applet. Initially, the layer is hidden. When I show the layer, FORM elements show through the applet. However, this behavior is not consistent. Sometimes, the form elements do not show through the applet. Also, depending on what is in my applet, sometimes the form elements show through, sometimes they don't. Has anyone encountered this and found a solution?

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On most browsers and applet will always be on top of any layer.  You are lucky to get to work sometimes.  The best suggestion I have is to align the form elements on top or below the elements.  You have to try to adjust it with the idea that the layer that contains the applet will always be on top.


The problem is the reverse. I want the applet to stay on top but most of the time, form elements show through the applet.
HVDC, only in some browser versions (as far as I know IE5.5 and higher) will you be able to get an applet on top of form elements...

This is due to the fact that form elements have an infinite z-index, meaning that they get shown on top of all other content...

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This question has been abandoned.  I will make a recommendation to the
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None of the answers is completely right. In all versions of IE can you position an applet on a layer, and it will show on top of form elements. I have hundreds of dynamic pages to prove it. DreamMaster is right in that Netscape assigns an infinite Z order to form elements which is also does to applets on separate layers. So whoever got to paint last will be shown on top. Sometimes the applet, sometimes the form element. Anyhow, I will accept DreamMaster as an answer. I apologize for forgetting about this questions.
Well...I guess I should say thank you then HVDC.. :)

Anyway I am glad I was at least somewhat helpfull...


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