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internal CD writer

saffar asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-27

Is it possible to make internal CD ROM writer as external

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Why would you want to? Anyway, if it's an IDE CD-R, then I'd say it would be practically impossible to make it an external version--you'd have to have an IDE ribbon cable hanging out of the computer, which wouldn't be very good. If it's SCSI you've got more of a chance, but you'll still have to buy an external SCSI enclosure for it, which'll cost a fair bit.

The answer to your question is....


As pjknibbs so unenthusiastically said... You can hang an IDE cable out of the back of the PC. Actually, you can route the IDE and power cables out of any part of the PC that it will reach to! Careful IDE cables can come in long lengths, or you can make your own, but make it too long and the data/signal will become unstable and unreliable.

You can do the same thing with SCSI if you wish! In both cases you could just set the exposed drive on a flat surface and plug in the DATA and power cables, or a more practical application would be to find an external device case to put the drive in. If the power supply in the case is of the proper values you wont even need to run a power cord out of your PC.
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Yes, you can do this saffar.  There are kits available that will let you use an IDE CD-RW as external, connected via USB or parallel.  See some here:

http://www.mapower.com/433spec.htm (the Map-430/450)

There are others...check TigerDirect or CDW.


Whoa there, sarcasm brothers...  no need to have unsightly internal IDE cables stringing out of the computer.

There are plenty of external boxes that accept IDE/ATAPI drives and then have some other means to get from the box to the computer.  You can get boxes that use USB, FireWire, and parallel port from the computer.

For example, put an IDE drive in here:


... and connect to the computer via 1394 (aka: FireWire, iLink).  Note that your computer needs a 1394 port, but PCI cards are available if it doesn't.

Here is a USB:


and there are parallel port ones too, but they're massively slow.

Now granted, these are for hard drives because I just grabbed the quickest thing I could find.  There are also ones with open fronts meant to take CD or CD-RW drives.  You'll need to provide an answer as to how you want to connect the box with the IDE drive to the computer and then I can track down an exact model enclosure for you.


Argh, I hate being interrupted at work and getting in a late answer!  Curse the speed of the dogstar!
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