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Chinese language support

vipulc asked
My application needs Chinese language support.
Windows2000 supports Multilanguage.
but i want that it should run on 95/98 as well.
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For as far as I know Win95/98 does not support the chinese language support (multilanguage support does not support chinese).
It will only work on NT-based operating systems.
What you can do is checking the type of operating system. The result will be 1 for Win95/98 and 2 for Nt-based operating systems.

I hope this will help you.



Note: we had the same problem.
From what I've read you need the far-east version of Win98 to view far-east character sets.  Win98 supports viewing of all languages on the same group of languages.  Don't know the exact termonology.  What I'm saying is that if your program is built for multi-language and you just found that although your program works on all languages with W2K but not on 98 (don't know about 95), the problem there is your version of windows.  That's what I've read...


If you need for example Chinees language support and english language support on one operating system, you need an NT based system. Be aware that there is a difference between viewing the characters in the internet explorer and the support of the characters by the operating system. If you're want to conversion (codepage / Unicode) you need a NT based OS.


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