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ActiveX Problem? I Create a Cab file by package & Deployment Wizard but...

I am having a ocx that debugged very well and i want to work in other client computers, i made a cab file with package & Deployment Wizard, and i put the cab file in my iis, and i create an object tag and fill all object attribute, but it work in some clients but in some of them (mostly windows 2000 proffessional) won't work. Or i get an error in javascript that I can't create the object in client side or i can't see my ocx in winnt/Downloaded program files at all??

i don't know whats the problem? if the problem is with the cab file, soo How should i make the cab file with package & Deployment Wizard, should i add VB Run-time component in to the cab file , and what if i used in my ocx a winsock component, should i add it to cab file??

Btw-all of the sicurity option in internet option are the lowest
please help, my job depend on it!
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I think You should use a "three step" approach; that is:

on a first page use JavaScript to check if the VB runtime and the needed OCXs have been installed

If all Ok, redirect the user to the standard "main" page, if otherwise something is missing redirect the user to a page which will download/install (embedding cab tags) all the needed files and THEN redirect the user to the "main" page

this way, the first time a user visits the site if the needed files aren't in place they'll be downloaded and installed, then, the next time the user visits the site it will be redirected straight to the "main" page

The "three step" approach I suggest helps You to avoid creating a "HUGE" CAB file, since You'll download to the user machine only the needed "pieces"; to make an example, if the VB runtime is already in place but other OCXs (winsock) are missing You'll only download CABs for the missing OCXs reducing the download time/size

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