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Blurred Scrolling - LCD Monitor

mktgfirm asked
I just bought and installed a new LCD monitor, the KDS Rad-5. It's really nice but text blurs (actually gets bigger and fuzzy) when I scroll, especially when viewing Web pages. Can this be remedied? I know there's a phenomenon called "latency" due to lower operating bandwidths of LCD monitors, but I wonder if this can be remedied through settings. An upgrade to WindoxsXP helped a bit. Perhaps an upgraded video card would solve the problem? I have a Micron 800MHz, 256MB RAM, Nvidia TNT2 Model64 Video Card. This monitor gets rave reviews everywhere and I'm convinced the right tweak will fix the problem. Please comment.
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To be totally honest ive never read a good review of a KDS monitor. That being said, make sure youre in its native rez as running it in any other rez will cause pretty strange blurriness.

Check the settings in your advanced tab of your video card.
The option Cleartype should be checked and resolve this problem.


Serge Bonehill

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i'm running windows xp. xp has an option for cleartype, which i checked. however my video card does not have this option. do i need a new video card to get the improvement.

my video card is decent, nvidia riva tnt2 model 64.

please comment.
Your video card doesn't need this option.
It's in your settings ( in the registry )whitch overrule your driver-settings.
If this didn't resolve your problem then I would say try with an other LCD monitor you borrow from a friend or from a shop and see if the result is still the same.

Good luck.


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