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ravidatta asked
Dear Experts

We have a Lotus Notes Domino R5 Server which is loaded on Win-2k Server. We also have Mdaemon Mail Server installed on the same server.  We fetch our mails thru MDaemon and then it delivers it to Lotus Domino. We have a valid IP.

The problem we are facing is that our ISP told us that our SMTP PORT # 20 is open and somebody is using this port for sending junk mails.  Everyday we are receiving more than 15000 mails.  Our server is working as a relay for receiving and transferring these mails.

Pls. suggest me how do i put authentication on our SMTP PORT # 25 in Lotus Domino Server R5.

Thanks & Regards,

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> "our ISP told us that our SMTP PORT # 20 is open "

point of clarification, do you mean port 25? #20 is usually ftp. You should censor port 20 at firewall then, and the intruder will be kept out.

> We also have Mdaemon Mail Server installed on the same server

Generally, it is not wise to place more than one application on a windows server. Over time, incompatibilities and upgrade needs will increase your downtime. Plan early. It may look convenient and fast for the first few users, but forewarning, expect instability to increase.
You should use authentication. Do NOT accept all mail. Only accept mail that is destined for your specific server, then, validate that the user is among those authorized on the system - predefined. Dump any IDs that are defaulted, and change passwords with regularity.


Hi Sunbow:

Thanks for the answer though I had already found the solution.  Actually it was port 25.  I have put our domain name in its SMTP inbound under messaging settings.

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