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ICS Unable to resolve server

Bahrin asked
ICS is installed correctly and works fine.
I am unable to retrieve new mail the first time Outlook Express5.5 or MsOutlook 2000 is opened,and error msg "unable to resolve server mail.xxisp.net.au or
or smtp server mail.m.xxisp.net.au"  Closing the error dialogue box and checking new mail again works fine and will work fine as long as the email client is not closed.
Closing and reopening the email client requires the same procedure to get it to work properly.
Same problem applies if using client to dialup shared connection or "host" is already connected to ISP
Any suggestions will be appreciated
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You may try to extend the Server Timeouts time.

Open OE, Tools, account, mail, select the dial-up account, click properties, Advanced.
Server Timeouts
Slide it to rightwards from default 1 minutes to 4 or 5 minutes.


Close OE. Be offline. Restart computer.

Adjust the email accounts both in Host PC and Client PC.

See if that helps. Let me know how you made it out.

Patricia / pslh
Brain / Bahrin,

Thank you very much for your email. As EE email notification may sometimes not working, it is a good chance to keep up your status.     ;)

I quoted part it here, if you don't mind, so as other experts can join in and put their views to solve your problem.

The problem is very similar to the one win95 has with finding the LAN on startup,yet
after 2-3 clicks it finally finds it and everything is fine.   You have to wait for the LAN to
catch up...and its what seems to be happening here... the email programs seem too fast
for the LAN when they are first opened,but 2nd try to get new mail works fine.
   I have tried disabling auto check on startup in both OE and Outlook to give the
programs a chance to find the LAN connection...but no success.  :(
   Incidently..auto checking of mail works fine also through ICS if the email client is left
open after the initial successful D/L of mail.
    Its only a minor annoying problem,but it indicates to me that something is not setup
correctly and it bothers me that I can't seem to solve it.
 I am thinking about maybe installing a Firewall such as Wingate or Proxy+


Brain, you may try to uninstall both Wingate and ICS.
Next reinstall again ICS. Make certain it works well. Then reinstall again the Wingate.

Are you using dialup 56K modem or DSL cable modem (using PPPoE)?

You may take a look at Wingate configuration that DHCP is enabled.

If PPPoE is using for DSL cable modem, you may inspect the configuration of the PPPoE dialup so that DHCP is used instead of "Automatic Private IP addressing".

See if that helps.

Patricia / pslh

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