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Small 2 computer network

rdabate asked

Hello, I have one PC running windows 2000 and a laptop running Windows XP.  I just upgraded the laptop to XP.  I have a little hub that I am using to network the two computers.  All I want to do is be able to share files between the to computers.  This was working fine when the laptop had W2k on it.  Now when I try to access the PC with the laptop a password field comes up and I have to enter in the what ever user name and password that is logged in on the PC.  Once I can get on, if I try to install a program from my hard drive it says access denied.  Both accounts are admins and my C drive is shared.  This was working with W2k, I can't figure out what is different about XP.  If any one can help me out that would be great.

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xp pro or home? did you enable the guest account on the lap top, and give it permissions to the shares?
Make sure the ip address for your laptop is same class as your windows 2000 PC.  For example, if your W2K pc's ip address is 192.168.1.x then make your laptop's ip address 192.168.1.y where x and y are ranges of 1-254 (Note x is not equal to y).  Next, if I were you, especially in home network, I would enable "Workgroup" on both machines.  Make sure you name the workgroup name exactly the same (case sensitive).  Let me know how it goes and cheers.

and make sure the subnets are on both machines.
also make sure both are in the same workgroup!

oh yea, make sure Client For Microsoft Networks amd File And Printer Sharing is installed in network.

Logon with the same username and password on both machines.
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Besides all the great advice above, I would remove the account from the win2k machine and then add it back in. Because you are now using XP, there may have been some problems with the previous SID.
ALso create a new account on the win2k machine for the user and see if that fixes the problem!

I hope this helps !

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