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Two queestions and many problems!

Gaft asked
Here's two questions for the prize of one. Please excuse the pun.
I have an older system with P166, 96 mb of ram .  reinstalled Win98 recently after adding a new hard drive.

Question 1: At start up I get this message after the usual system boot up.:
C:\mode con codepage prepare=((850) c:\windows\command\ega.cpi
Mode prepare code function completed
c:\> mode con codepage select= 850
Mode select code page function completed c:\>

I know this has something to do with my Autoexec.bat file - but what does it mean
Affter Win 98 opens I often have problems with Internet Explorer 5 - it freezes a.d seems to cause severe problems for other programs - often resulting in .dll error messages of one kind or another.

Any suggestions  would be greatly appreciated
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What is is doing is saying what is typed in your autoexec.bat.

type in msconfig
go to the startup tab
uncheck the autoexec.bat and config.sys in your startup.

Report the results.

Mohammed NasmanSoftware Developer


  for the first problem and if you don't use DOS mode, you can ignore the autoexec.bat and config.sys, that will make your startup loading faster, and will save a little memory for you
  you can change the names of autoexec.bat and config.sys or their extenstions, or in easy way use MSconfig, as hewittg suggest you

  for the second problem, some times when you install some application it cuz some problem with the DLL, try to reinstall IE 5 with newer version, IE 6 is nice or IE 5.5, also IE 5 has some bugs, so maybe u will solve that be updating ur version of IE

Could be wrong here, but sounds almost as if you used a DOS boot disk to re-install Windows that was an earlier DOS boot disk.
Obtain a known good Win98 boot disk, insert, power-up and type at the a: prompt>>   sys:C

Also, during installation of Win98, it is not uncommon that you have the incorrect video driver.
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Thank you
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For the second one, lets try some things. Go to Tools | Internet Options. General tab, under Delete Files, delete offline Content.

Now, go here and download AddAware http://tomcoyote.com/lsindex.html
Install and run, ensuring that Deep Registry Scan is enabled. Remove all except for any references to Web3000 or new.net. If you're unsure, copy/paste the list here.

Whilst you're there, download and install RefUpdate to get the latest updates.



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