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connecting a win 2k pro pc to a domain controller

ocitman asked
i cant seem to get it recognized.  i can ping the server and the server can see the workgroup the pc is in but the pc just cannot log in.  what am i doing wrong.
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The PC needs to join the domain of the DC or have the same workgroup name as the domain and a local user account with the same user name and password as a domain account.


i have created an account in the domain for the pc.  however, the workgroup name is different and probably the password.  good thing i wrote them down.  i tried to join the domain and it did ask me for authentication from someone who is authorized to join the domain.  i tried the administrator account and still no go.
i'll reset the password on the client to match the domain as well as change the workgroup name and see what happens.


since i have solved my problem, and geoffryn was the only answer i received, he gets the points.

well, last night I moved the users from the football/golf OU to the default users OU, deleted the football/golf OU and the football OU, set the client up with a static IP address, set the default DNS server to the same IP address as my server, set the DNS server address and WINS tabs to the same ip as my server and was able to join the domain as administrator and the two other profiles I set up on the client, then recreated the football OU on the server, moved the users to the football OU and could still log on.  my file server is working and I'm going to set up my print server too.  now I have to change the ip addresses in my dhcp server since I changed my server ip address from /24 to /24 and hopefully I can get a dynamically assigned ip address.

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