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How can I redirect my domain name to my home IIS server?

tinyheine asked
I have a Win2K server with IIS and the virtual directory that is hosting a website. The server is behind a firewall on a small network.  The name is http://server/firstpage.htm and everyone can see it when they type it in.  I do not want that name for my web site.  I want something like www.abc.com.  I have secured and paid for the domain name that I want. The problem is that I cannot figure out how to redirect the name to my server. I registered my name and they have a page that can redirect the domain name, however what address do I give it.  The gateway IP or the server IP.   I have given them the IP address of the name of the server and they cannot read it  I simply want the user to type in a browser http://www.abc.com and come up with the site that is hosted on my computer behind my firewall on my network.  Please give me a clue.

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tinyheine, you need to get a fixed IP from your ISP and assign this Fixed IP to your server as Gateway.

Internet domain name with public IPs cannot connect with private IP address for local servers.  

Patricia /pslh

use NAT (Network Address Translation) protocoll (included with W2K Server) with special ports as:

www.registered.com (port 80) -> [port: 80 or other unused port]

Hope it helps

This is simpler then u think, but I need more details:
1. Are u using the server to host your company web site (internet site)?
2. Are you using the server to host intranet sites?
3. Do you use it both?  (for intranet and Inernet ) - and if you do - do you use the same domain name for both?



1. Are u using the server to host your company web site (internet site)?  
Yes, I would like to.

2. Are you using the server to host intranet sites?
Yes, again, however I have not even gone down that road.

3. Do you use it both?  (for intranet and Inernet ) - and if you do - do you use the same domain name
for both?
Not yet.  I have not done anything with the Intranet.

This is supposed to be easy however it is not going the way I want. Let me give you more background.  I have already registered my domain name with a site that can also host.  However I would like to host it on my server, which is on a W2K network with an SMC router.  The Tech Support person, who is of little help, is saying that she needs an IP address and I do not know what to give her, the IP of the router, server or what the cable company has given me.  I am assuming that I give her the IP address that the cable company gave me and then use NAT to steer it to my server.  She is saying that I must set up the nametables, which I can only assume it is NAT.  

I have set up a simple Hello World web site with Front Page.  Copied the file into my default IIS web directory and can see the web site if I type in http://server/default.htm.  However when I try to follow the directions on “How to Host Header Names to Host Multiple Sites from One IP address. (Q190008)” from the directions from Microsoft they fall apart after the first few steps. It askes about the Web Site tab and there is not one.  I have gone to anther tab that appears to be the same it falls apart and can not follow it.  When I type in my URL in IE it comes up with the host site.  

Anyway I have vented long enough.  Any suggestions.
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You need to set up your router correctly.

You shold be supplying the IP address of the Internet side of your router to your ISP or whoever is hosting your Domain name.

You will need to read the documents on your SMC router and also the MS stuff.

If you only need the LAN to access your site, and not others from the internet, then you can set up a Local DNS server and simply use any name you want, since you are using NAT behind a firewall.
If you want others to be able to access from the Internet, your router must be setup correctly, and you should post a link to this question in the EE routing area.

I hope this helps !

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