What is I/O Error 998?

I have a program that executes a thread. The thread opens one file to read and one file to write. My client tells me that he experiences occasional I/O Error 998.

I can't find a reference to this error in the help files.

Does anyone know what causes it?
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Could be the No Access error in windows. If your opening a file for write and it is already in use, its possible this error could appear. Ensure that you are properly closing the file after updating it.
From the Win32 help file:

Invalid access to memory location.

rfedyk, generally you can use the function "SysUtils.SysErrorMessage" (I hope I remember the correct name) to convert an error number to an error string.
Then you should do proper error/exception handling when opening files. If the opening doesn't work, give out the exact location and the error both in number and string. Then you have a better chance to find the reason for the failure.

Regards, Madshi.
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Hi there are quite a few references to this on Google...
Try a search yourself :-)
Good Luck

Delphi 2.00 and 2.01 Users Encounter Error 998 (Q159090)

The information in this article applies to:

Microsoft Windows NT Workstation version 4.0
Microsoft Windows NT Server version 4.0

With Delphi 2.00 and 2.01, users encounter error 998 every time they rebuild the Delphi component library. The same error is encountered frequently when the user runs an application, terminates the application, recompiles the application and then runs it once more. This issue also impacts Borland C++ 5.00 and 5.01.

The write-back disk cache is not cleared after the first initialization has completed.

This problem has been fixed in Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 2 and later.

Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Windows NT version 4.00. This problem has been corrected in the latest U.S. Service Pack for Windows NT version 4.00. For information on obtaining the Service Pack, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):


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rfedykAuthor Commented:
Sorry it took so long to respond. I actually did a solution from Google
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