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weblogic   Vs   websphere

k_s_ashok asked
what is the difference between weblogic and websphere?
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check this site below which gives a brief comparison of all the widely available application servers

Hi I found this thread somw where
hope this might be useful to you

> So far, I think Weblogic and WebSphere are two popular application servers in the market.

You're absolutely right. These two are the winners in app server right now. Although iPlanet is fairly popular as well.

> Could anyone tell me about what are pros and cons between Weblogic 5.1 (Enterprise Version) AND Websphere 3.5(Enterprise Version)???

one major advantage of WebLogic is that it's easier to install with the 6.0 version

> Also, which application server is more flexible in terms of being able to integrate easily with database server, back-end ERP system???

Of course, WebSphere integrates with DB2 a lot better, I'd go for WebLogic for Oracle DBs. Both has support to communicate with ERP systems.

> More, I know that both Weblogic and Websphere can integrate with Apache web server. But Weblogic can serve static pages as well. My question is what is the gain of integrating a web server with Weblogic or Websphere???
Can Websphere serve static page as well???

WebSphere comes with IBM's HTTP Server I believe, which in terms IS the Apache web server with some IBM-built add-ons. They purchased the rights to Apache's code about a year and a half ago. The advantages and disadvantages of having a separate web server to host your static pages vary. Having another web server hosting your static content may separate your dynamic content and static content, which may be good for separating web producers(HTML, images developers) and web application developers(J2EE apps). Many companies have a proxy server that routes to the app server. This gives you load balancing and failover. Of course you can achieve this with either the supplied web server or another web server plugin. Also, WebLogic 6.0 also supports Virtual Hosting. "A single WebLogic Server or WebLogic Cluster to host multiple Web sites. Each logical Web server has its own host name, but all Web servers are mapped in DNS to the same cluster IP address. When a client sends an HTTP request to the cluster address, a WebLogic Server is selected to serve the request. " 

> If Weblogic or Websphere application servers are clustered and integrated with Apache web server then
do multiple Apache web servers are needed ????

No, although you may have more than one if desired.
> Else if the single Apache web server is down then the system will fail even apps servers still work???

Yes, if the Apache web server is down then the app servers will not get the requests. Some companies uses a BIG-IP approach, and filter HTTP requests to 2 or 3 web servers.

> Also, as far as I know, Weblogic apps server can support any database with JDBC driver, can Websphere???


for database supported by WebSphere

> And it seems that Weblogic can build connection pools with any database with JDBC driver, can Websphere???

> More, Websphere is not J2EE certified but Weblogic is, is that an important issue???

that depends...would you like to be J2EE compliant? :)

> Lastly, in terms of developement tools apps server support, which apps server supports more developemnt tools???
And among those developemnt tools, which are easier to use???

IBM recommends VisualAge Enterprise Suite:

It contains the Java IDE Visual Age for Java V3.5, WebSphere Studio for site content, JSP, and Servlets/Bean management. The major problem with its IDE is its spec support. They are always behind Sun's standard.
VA Java 3.5 supports Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition, V1.2.2 (also known as JDK 1.2.2) and Swing 1.1, Servlet 2.11 and JSP 1.0. The IDE does integrate well with WebSphere, having its own WebSphere Test Environment.

BEA recommends WebGains Studio:

WebGains Stuido 4.0 contains the popular Visual Cafe IDE, TopLink for object-to-relational mapping which supports both WebLogic and WebSphere, TurboXML for XML/DTD schema editing. Visual Cafe is a "industry leading debugging technology with a new debugging engine that supports custom-class loaders and hot deployment to BEA WebLogic Server v. 5.1 without recycling the server."

hope this has helped

working with websphere is too slow in my PC, but weblogic is quick.

weblogic is cheaper than webspere.

websphere is a business application server, it supplys many business libarys for you special product. But i likes weblogic more, because of its quick.
Hi  Mikezh, you are wrong in cost related to WebLogic and WebSphere. We have talked to both the companies, and you know something, WebLogic is 7 times more costly than WebSphere.


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