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Jbuilder or VisualCafe class browser question

yore asked

I am used to using VisualAge, but my new job does not have that available.

One nice feature in VisualAge is an "open on selection". This lets you right click on any use of a class , variable, or method and open an editing window directly on the code which defines that member.

An example would be if I have this line of source:
MyClass myObject = new MySubclass();

I could right click on "MyClass" "myObject ", or "MySubclass()" and view the source code which defines MyClass or MySubclass.

Does anyone know of similar functionality in Jbuilder or VisualCafe?

Let me know if you need clarification.

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this is a reference finding capability

I presume this is one of the features
of "code refactoring"

There is an IDE tool "Intellij IDEA" which has
this in built feature

I assume jbuilder 6.0 is shipping with this feature

But there are many refractoring tools available as plugin
for jbuilder

refer to this link

p.s: I would suggest to download IDEA from this
website and take a look.It has really good feature
to support what you are asking for


I hope this has helped

If you are using Visual Cafe 4.1, you can open the Project window (View->Project-><your project>) and click on the classes tab. Expand to the class and its member you want and double click on it. It would take you to its definition...


Thanks for the comments.

I liked Sanjay's suggestions the best. I have looked at IDEA from intellij - that is a pretty nice tool. It seems way better for my needs than the versions of Jbuilder or VCafe that I have used.


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