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DualBoot with Win98

carollow asked
I'm planning to dual boot Win 98 and RHL7, but may i know which OS i should install first ?

And as for Linux installation, what are the mount point size i need during installation ? (eg, swap,users,....)

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First of all, the most convenient way is to have two hard disks for every operating system. In that case you will not have any problems setting up the two, except for the fact that installing Linux afterwards is easier because of the boot loader that comes with it.

When you don't have more than one HDD you need to make sure that the /boot partition in Linux must be created below the 1024th cylinder. It's best that you partition your HDD with PQMagic like this:
25 MB: empty space (this will be /boot)
xx GB: Windows
xx GB: empty space

After you setup windows, it's time for Linux. Initialize the empty space as /boot.
Create / (1000 MB), /usr (1000 MB), /home (500 MB). You can specify larger values for the partition sizes when you have enough space left for it.
Make sure that you install the boot loader in the MBR (Redhat recommends that during install) of the first HDD (in this case the only HDD? :))
I'm not sure whether you can specify more operating systems it should boot during the install, but you can do this afterwards anyway.

If you have any doubts about this, just scream :)

I forgot to mention that you must create a swap partition as well.. Recommended size is twice your RAM size.
Twice the RAM as swap is fine but I'd recommend to use tmpfs as /tmp so you should add the size for this directory, too, which can be quite a lot for example on my caching proxy I use /var and /tmp as caching directories. Generally it's very difficult to say where you need how much space. For example my /home is huge because I place my downloads there. I can't say how to arrange your partitions, I'm still finding it out myself but one more hint: put things that should be fast at the beginning because the hdd is faster there. Don't forget the /boot as datibbaW said, unless you don't have a modern BIOS that is able to handle more than 1024k.
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