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Windows 2000 Setup Problem

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Last Modified: 2010-04-14
Dear Experts

Iam running Windows98SE...i want to upgrade to Windws 2000...

Now the problem is whenecer i load the CD and go to i386 directory and run winnt32.exe..eveything is going fine @ the start..it asks for whether to upgrade or fresh install then the serial number and it copies some files and restarts...

After this restart it automatically loads Win2000 Setup...it copies some files(Its the one as similar to windows 98 screen..wherer we get a blue background and a title windows 2000 Setup @ the top...after copying some files it
says system is copying files..but no progress bar or anythinng...just Windows2000 is copying files..and the screen just freezes ...thts it..no further progress whtsoever..i have to manually restart the computer just to see the same thing happening again

Pls help

With regards
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When you restart, you will note that there is a boot menu with 2 Operating system name.

Select the "Windows 2000 Professional Setup" and continue.

Make certain your Win2K cdrom in the cdrom drive.

The installation will skip over last failure point and continue.
The failure may happen about 2-4 times depends on the Plug and Play detection of the non-PnP and PnP hardware devices. It occurs due to the failure to get the right/appropriate driver (e.g. display card, network card, sound card, etc...). Just repeat above steps by cold restart and continue setup again till finished.

After the installation is finished, go to the control panel, system, hardware, device manager.
Inspect what device(s) has(have) ? marks.  Update the drivers.

Patricia / pslh


dear patrcia

ive got the boot menu and selected windows 2000..but the setup just freezes and thts it nothing more could be done....

Mahesh, This phenomenon may happen more than once. Press the "RESET" button to restart the computer.

If after 2-4 times of such Reset/restart, you still cannot find the installation runs.

Try to go to select your previous windows, run gain setup there and the installation will skip last failure point.

Mahesh, is there any other partitions of your drive? Have you consider to load Win2K in another partition?

Normally, that would be much better for future operations/compatibility for 2 separate OS on 2 separate partitions.  

Patricia / pslh


Mahesh which video and soundcard do you have?  Check here to be sure that your hardware is compliant with W2K: http://www.microsoft.com/hcl/default.asp
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