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Mouse freeze

j3877 asked
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Last Modified: 2010-04-13
I've just recently upgraded to windows 2000 professional (from win98), and I have had a problem with my mouse (first, I had a M$ branded mouse, then I changed to the M$ intellimouse explorer); with both devices, I have had the same problem:
After a while, my mouse ceases to function in windows 2000 (I had no problem at all in windows 98). I can switch on MouseKeys, but after a while it fails also. I can see no log of the mouse failing, and windows says the device is functioning properly. Both devices have been plugged into the mouse PS/2 port (I'm using the microsoft USB-->PS2 plugin for the intellimouse). I thought that when I had changed to the intellimouse the problem would go away, but it hasn't.

I've done a full virus scan, but I can find no virus that may be causing the problem.

Does anybody have any ideas?
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First uninstall all of your intellimouse drivers.
Next, go to device manager and uninstall the mouse device.
Shut down the computer.
Unplug mouse from the PS/2 port.
Start your computer without mouse and boot into Win2K.
Use keyboard to shutdown again.
After 2-3 minutes, plug in the mouse.
Start your computer and boot into Win2K.
Make certain the device manager that the mouse is detected.
If there is no mouse freeze, download the latest Intellimouse driver for W2K and install it.

Patricia / pslh

No offence Patricia but I recommend not installing Intellimouse software. Just let windows use it's existing driver. In fact with all our OEM Intellimice we sell now we deliberately do not provide the CD to the customer. Have found too many freezes directly due to conflicts with this software which is really unnecessary in the first place.
WiZaRd, your welcome.
My own practice is also not using any intellimouse driver. All my systems consist of pen devices.

<not provide the CD to the customer. > That one is no good at all.    ;O)


I did everything but install the intellimouse software, but my mouse froze within 10 minutes of rebooting...
j3877, prior to installation of intellimouse software, is the mouse behaved properly?

Is the Intellimouse downloaded version 4.01

Is there any MsOffice? What version?

Patricia / pslh


>j3877, prior to installation of intellimouse software, is the mouse behaved properly?
Prior to installing intellimouse software, the mouse froze about the same amount.

>Is the Intellimouse downloaded version 4.01
Thanks, but I downloaded the 4.01 software before I uninstalled the mouse drivers.

Is there any MsOffice? What version?
I use Sun StarOffice 5.2 (a far superior product :P) for all my word processing needs (which aren't that great really)

(1) Are you certain that there is no other mouse devices, e.g. old mouse.com or logitech drivers etc...?

(2) Moreover, do not switch on the mousekeys.

The fourth button settings "wheel" of Intellimouse is in conflict with the "anchor" function of IE/MsWord.

Moreover, it is also in conflict with
Activation follows mouse (X-Mouse)
Autoraise when activating

Do not enabled the X-Mouse in the Intellipoint / TweakUi.



* I'm sure there are no other mouse devices installed (but the problem existed even when I had a fresh win2k installation with a mouse that worked perfectly in windows 98)
* I usually switch mousekeys on when the mouse device fails
* I don't use internet explorer
* Thanks for the advice; I can't see how anybody could find "activation follows mouse" a useful feature! It is extremely annoying, in my (humble) opinion.

Is there a significant difference in the way win2k handles mice than windows 98? (like I said before, my mouse never froze in windows 98)
In a clean installation of Win2K without any third parties programs installed, intellimouse with/without the driver v4.01 is very stable.

That you can treat it as a counter to your system.

You may try to go to the device manager, Mice and other pointing device.
Right click and select "Disable" the mouse.
Then scan for hardware changes.
Without restart, Enable it again,
Scan for hardware changes again.

Close device manager and inspect the behaviour of the mouse.

You may also try to show all hidden devices in device manager. See if any other hidden devices having problems which may influence the performance of your system.



Disabling the device and enabling it again makes it work well. hopefully I can write a program to enable and disable it automatically.

I have reviewed the question and pslh hit it right on the button.  For that reason, I am changing the grade to an A.  Hope you don't mind.

Thank you
Community Support Moderator


I thought as it wasn't a solution, rather a fix that would have to be constantly applied it wasn't A material. However, I have no problem with that

Good work Patricia. Definitely A grade stuff!
Thanks WiZaRd!

Now everything looks pretty fine for everyone.

A good happy ending last forever............


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