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GPO to deploy pcAnywhere Package

dcaparaso asked
Anybody have any luck deploying a host only package using GPO?  I create the package and all seems well, i can use the package to manually install a host but if I try to use GPO to deploy it, I get an error message saying the package is not correct and that it may need to be "verified".  Any clues?

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Generally, this means that the questions answered by you 'manually' in the UI of the MSI don't have valid defaults when running unattended.
The best way of approaching this is
1) Downloading the free MS Platform SDK, specificly the Windows Installer part.
2) Install ORCA (the MSI editor) and from this, launch a 'validation' on the Symantec MSI.
3) Copy-paste all output of the validation (warnings, severe etc.) to the Symantec supportdesk and ask them to fix...

Hope this helps,

<Erik> - The Netherlands
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