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VB Custom Controls - Send to Front / Send to Back Options

kishore_tvs asked
I developed a custom control, and used a control array of this control in a form. At run-time how to set Send to Front / Send to Back options dynamically.

That is when a move these controls at run-time, control(1) always moves behind control(0). How to make it come in the front of control(0).

This feature is available in VB IDE at design time.

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Can you change the control ZOrder property?. e.g.

Control.ZOrder (0) brings a control to the front

Control.ZOrder (1) sends it to the back
TomLaw1999 is correct, but there are VB constants to make it easier to tell which is which and you don't have to remember the numbers:

Control.ZOrder vbBringToFront
Control.ZOrder vbSendToBack

Also, if you dynamically load a control, you should:
  .ZOrder vbBringToFront
before the:

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